Interior Design Coaching is suitable for those individuals who seek more than just consultations and expert advice when designing interior spaces. It is rather designed for those people who want to be part of the design process or prefer to design their space without the help of an interior design professional.

Designing a beautiful space, which feels like home, is not only about fitting colours and selecting the right furnishings and fittings. Each interior should carry a touch of its owner‘s unique personality – and the interior will only truly have that „touch“ when the owner understands what that touch is.


Through Interior Design Coaching I help my clients to better understand themselves and their relationship to surrounding spaces. Together we uncover what „feeling at home“ means and what the ideal dream home looks like. When this understanding is achieved, designing a space in which the client feels comfortable and happy becomes an easy and enjoyable process.

Interior Design Coaching should take place at the beginning of any interior design. It helps clients to understand their needs and expectations from the design outcome, thus facilitating a much more effective choice of style and layout.

It is a very effective tool for designing spaces for partners or even families; it helps to create mutual style between more individuals.

Interior Design Coaching can be done individually or in group workshops.