A vision that guides me

Inspire people around me to make their dreams come true.

My values

Balance is my main goal. Searching for it and finding it impels me and helps me discover unexpected combinations of new and old, luxury and ordinary, simple and complex.

Openness toward everything that the world offers as it is the gateway to endless creativity and amazement. Openness towards people, their stories and wishes, allows me to create spaces, which are not only esthetical and functional but also soulful.

Discipline brings order and certainty. It helps me manage the design process as well as design execution in a way that maintains a set direction and provides my clients with an enjoyable experience.

About me

I fell for interior design in 2007 during a course at DesignSkola Prague, which I signed up for while trying to figure out how to furnish my first apartment. Shortly after I applied for a full program in Interior Design, which I completed with a diploma of excellence in September 2008. DesignSkola is the first design school in Czech Republic, which focuses, solely of the area of Interior Design.

During that time I still held a position in a large corporation. I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague (VSE), and spent nearly 5 years working for Vodafone Czech Republic where my main focus was in project, process and quality management. Additionally I was part of a large internal culture transformation programme, which I helped facilitate. In 2009 I accepted a new role at UniCredit Bank as the Head of European Competence Centre with the objective of increasing the department’s operational effectiveness and client satisfaction with products and services.

After 2 years I received an offer to work as a facilitator and coach for a prestigious international company The Zone, focusing on projects in the Republic of South Africa, Qatar, Germany, Romania and Prague. I attended a number of advanced facilitation courses in the US and UK, which drove my fascination with design psychology and lead to the development of my own concept of Interior Design Coaching.

Deep down inside I always wanted to work in the world of design. When designing interiors I like to combine new and traditional forms and materials, which often originate in different cultural environments. I strive to create timeless and pure interiors and often draw my inspiration from modern arts.