Area of interior design includes the following services:

  • Initial consultation dedicated to in-depth understanding of needs and preferences of the client.
  • Interior Design Coaching (a unique service which can be provided during the initial stages of the design process aimed at simplifying the selection of the overall theme for the interior and uncovering particular style preferences of each individual client).
  • Overall interior design concept proposal, including style definition, colour palette and overall interior disposition.
  • Interior space layout, 2D, 3D visualization.
  • Complete selection of materials, surfaces, fittings, flooring, tiling, etc.
  • Selection of style elements (furnishings and accessories).
  • Selection of textiles, upholstery, shading equipment.
  • Lighting design and selection.
  • Custom furniture design, design of built-in furniture, preparation of technical specifications for manufacturing.
  • Complete execution of design projects including supplier and craftsmen selection.
  • Representing clients in discussions with suppliers.
  • End to end execution of recontruction works including design supervision.

Following the initial consultation you will receive a proposal of the design process that is reflective of your individual needs as well as the price specification.